Our range

Our collection is intricate, full of details, and newest to eyes. Our stylish and unique way to sew embellishment materials are most popular in the market. Fine tailoring is an essential part of our fashion house. Combining traditional skills with new and innovative methodologies. All our dresses crafted to the highest quality and with the utmost attention to its detail.

Heritage collection

The collection is an amalgamation of royalty and old-world charm, palatial and resplendent craftsmanship, a couture masterpiece in itself! An amazing collection with stunning embroidery and chic designs make these dresses elegance.

SJR boutique is a trendsetter bridal couture brand presenting each dress with sensational fashion ideas to bring a dramatic look in your personality. Here is a very latest Heritage Couture Bridal Collection for your wedding day. Our heritage Collection holds a charm and magnetic aura that is burgeoning with resplendent embellishments and Masterful Couture Sensibility. A sight to behold.

Modern collection

The latest trends and finest craftsmanship comes together majestically. With beautiful colour combinations to choose from with stunning and meticulous handwork. Regal, timeless and ornate are terms best used to describe this collection.

Our exemplary craftsmanship, unique design aesthetic and unmatched attention to detail defines the essence of SJR Boutique. A stunning mix of colours creates these alluring designs. Every single process at SJR is done by hand in an effort to safeguard the style and the techniques that are indigenous.

Grand collection

Grand collection introduces a wide range of sophisticated designs in modern cut and style. The collection offers unique and sophisticated designs following the latest trends and a traditional fusion with modern colours.

Our highest priority is to provide magnificent designs for giving prominent looks. The modern collection offers a rich and sophisticated embroidered collection in traditional designs according to latest fashion trends.

Need a custom design?

Have something specific in your mind? Bring us any design we will create it for you to make your special day perfect.

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